Furnished apartment rental in Ternes neighborhood

The Ternes district is located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. With its neighbor, the Place Monceau district, it is considered one of the most prestigious districts of Paris.  


Visit the districts of Ternes, Batignolles, and Epinet and discover a calm and bourgeois Paris, famous for its beautiful Ottoman buildings, its luxurious residences, its large green spaces, its lively squares, its markets, and its brand new eco-districts, it is a nice district to live in or stroll by.   


Place des Ternes is one of the most important crossroads in the 17th arrondissement, from which three main roads start: avenue de Wagram, place des Ternes, and place de Wagram. Have a stroll on Rue Wagram, The Arc de Triomphe stands proudly in front of you with a breathtaking view. The Grand Avenue Des Terne extends to the west. You can see the “Tour de la Defense” in the distance.  


Place des Ternes is a lively place with many shops, boutiques, and major brands. In the middle of the square is one of the last three flower markets of the capital. Finally, at the corner of rue Poncelet, the Poncelet Market is one of the most beautiful markets in the capital with its well-stocked stalls.  


In the Middle Ages, the village of Ternes was only a humble habitat surrounded by forests and swamps. Land of royal hunting, the region continued to be devoted to the leisure of the powerful until the revolution and the abolition of privileges. The name of the district comes from the temporal variation of the term "Villa Externa" (a farm outside the city walls), which finally gives "Ternes". This formerly fortified farm is the origin of the old Château de Terne. Like the other districts of the 17th arrondissement, Les Terne was annexed to Paris in 1860.  


Ternes is full of cultural places and parks to relax. There is Saint-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral This beautiful Russian church with its central frescoes and golden domes. Apart from religious worship, you can visit the church on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. Take the opportunity to enter and admire spectacular icons, frescoes, and gilding in the purest Orthodox style.  


You will notice in your walk the Art Deco facade of the rue de Courcelles and the n°5157 Hôtel du Collectionneur. The 5-star establishment hides a beautiful terrace of the bar and restaurant accessible to customers. A few steps away, in the Ottoman-style building in Piazza Gerard Oury, stands an amazing red structure that looks like a Chinese tower. This is Maison Lou, a former private house that was rebuilt as a tower in 1925 because Chinese businessman Chinzei Lu wanted the perfect environment for an impressive collection of Asian art. Today, Pagode Paris (also known as Maison Lou) is still a private museum specialized in oriental art.  

You will also come across Parc Monceau. The green lungs of this district hide behind large wrought iron gates, made of more than 8 hectares of lawn, large trees, and paths lined with benches, playgrounds, and sports fields. Naumakia (a basin surrounded by Corinthian pillars), an arcade of the old Paris town hall burnt down during the commune, a Japanese lantern symbolizing the friendship between Paris and Tokyo, beautiful statues of Alfred de Musset, Guy de Maupassant,  Frédéric-Chopin,;pretty Italian bridges, caves, and even pyramids and obelisks. 



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