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A lot of people, including the vast majority out-of-towners who've had the pleasure of exploring the City of Lights, agree that Paris it the most beautiful city in the world, making it the most visited as well. Anybody who's been lucky enough to be a resident can attest to the beauty of Paris. There are many neighbourhoods in the city, some more explored than others.

The « 17th arrondissement» of Paris is one of the not-so-popular districts in the city, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. There aren't any official tourist sites in the 17th district of Paris, that's why the area is often left out of most guidebooks when « visiting Paris». On the upside, unlike other popular districts in the French capital, the area isn't completely overrun by tourists. The absence of the ever shooting tourists makes the « seventeenth district» one of the best places to « rent apartment Paris 17», especially if you are looking for a serene environment.

Attractions and Accommodation

The « 17th arrondissement» is a residential district, one of the largest in the city. Despite the fact that the « seventeenth district» is three times the size of the city centre, it doesn't receive a lot of visitors. However, there's still a lot to see in the district. Getting « accomodation for rent Paris 17» can be a bit challenging, especially if you are « visiting Paris». But, with an agency like ours, it doesn't have to be.

The Paris 17th district is located on Rive Droite and occupies the northwest corner of the city. Generally speaking, there's a paucity of iconic monuments in this area but sure the 17th district touches the Arc de Triomphe on its southernmost part where the 17th, 16th, and 8th arrondissements meet. Most tourists pass by this place without giving it a second glance. However, if you want to enjoy the attractions that the district offers, you have to get out of the metro.

Best of Both Worlds

Some of the minor sights and neighbourhoods worth checking out in the « seventeenth district» include Cité des Fleurs, a quiet gated community with a Parisian flair, enjoy the distinct atmosphere of Le Village des Batignolles, and indulge yourself with a Parisian style food shopping at the Rue de Levis market street. The « 17th arrondissement» is truly the best place to be when looking for a neighbourhood that combines the rural peace and quiet of a small village and the amenities of a metropolis.

The « 17th arrondissement» offers everything that the City of Lights has to offer. Here, you get the best of both worlds. You get the Parisian experience, but quieter and more peaceful. Winston & Léon agency can help you find accomodation for rent in Paris 17. The agency provides a selection of furnished apartments in Paris 17 - premium and luxury apartments – that are in close proximity to the business district, parks, and major tourist attractions.

Let us help you make your « stay in Paris» an unforgettable one. Renting a luxury property has never been so easy.

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