Furnished rentals benefits

  • Flexibility

    Rent for short or long leases.
    Suitable with your own habitation.

  • Limited risk

    Rent with the best tenant guarantees.
    Selected profiles.

  • Profitability

    Rent optimized Formula.
    Beneficial tax rate.

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  • How can I reference my apartment?

    It is most simple: All you need to do is complete and send us the form located on this web page. We will contact you within 24h to arrange a prior viewing from which we will make sure your apartment is suitable adapted to our clientele. Once this is confirmed, we come back to make pictures and collect requested documents to the landlord. As soon as this is done, your property is online 24h later.

  • What are the advantages in renting as furnished property?

    A flexible and secure rental solution

    Furnished rentals are usually simpler to book than standard rental. It enables you to rent for various duration that are compatible with your own occupancy. It also reduces tenancy risk as it provides better tenants profiles such as companies or institutions. Finally, maintaining a tenant inside an unoccupied property prevents it from global deterioration. Renting your apartment will provide you with some income and help to keep its shape.


    50% allowance on your rental income is applied.

  • What are the advantages of having my property managed by Winston & Léon ?

    Renting your furnished property to someone will imply taking care of the housekeeping and be available for check-in and check-outs. It also requires taking care of various requests from your tenant during his stay. A complete management will professional answer to your tenant’s expectations and enable you to rent your property without giving your time to it.

  • What type of apartments do Winston & Léon propose?

    In order to answer our clientele, we propose all type and size properties. Their global shape must be lately renovated. For an optimized presentation, Winston & Léon propose their apartments in two different ranges:

    the Standing range
    the Luxury range

    The range of the property is defined by the agency according to various criteria such as its own specificities, its decoration, its furnishing quality and geographical location.

  • What services are provided to landlords?

    Rental service or global Property Management?

    Winston & Léon propose two services to their landlords: A simple rental service without exclusivity on the property to find a tenant. Or A comprehensive Property Management service. We apprehend your personal expectations and apartment availability to define a rental planning. We perform bookings of various rentals and provide a complete activity and financial reporting.

    Referencing & promoting your property

    Winston & Léon Reference your apartment and present it in the best conditions to his clients using concise description and professional pictures. Our modern website stands to propose your apartment worldwide. It is specifically optimized for apartment search and quick booking. In Parallel, our Corporate and Institutional clientele have direct access to our new properties.

    Apartment booking

    As rental specialists, Winston & Léon make viewings for potential tenants. We also collect the necessary information to make sure your tenant is financially reliable and covered by a proper housing insurance. The tenant file can change depending on the tenant’s profile and length of stay. If you need any information regarding this matter, your property manager will be able to help.

    Tenant Check-in & Check-out

    Depending on your property program, we perform two sorts of checks: For the Rental Service Program, we supervise the accuracy of your check-in and check-outs made between you and your tenant. For the Property Management Program, we perform on your behalf the check-in and check-out based on the inventory and check-up we performed initially.

    Payments management

    To ensure an accurate financial follow up, Winston & Léon receive on your behalf all payments as per rents, security deposit and tenancy charge. They are sent to your account within the same month period. Daily management / Intervention (Property management Program only) Furnished rentals usually come with a “tenancy management” in assisting from time to time your tenant. These demands can be several and various but will always require a quick and satisfactory answer. As you may not always have time or the necessary contacts to answer each request, you can rely on our service to help you rent easily and serenity.

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