Furnished apartment rentals in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris

Every arrondissement in Paris has  its particularity , Rental prices can vary considerably from city center arrondissement to banlieues. This guide will enable you to  discover the features of the « 2nd arrondissement», where to find « apartment rental Paris 2», and how to « stay in Paris».

Visiting Paris

Home-hunting in Paris can be confusing, especially if you don't know where to look for the right ones. It is  important to understand a few basics when « visiting Paris» in order to enjoy your stay. For starters, it's worth remembering that there a few houses and several buildings in Paris that don't have lifts. The Paris arrondissements are laid out in a particular order and the districts are arranged in a spiral.Arrondissements are often referred to by number, especially in real estate advertisements for « flat rentals Paris 2». Where the number is written with a small "e" such as 5e, which is the equivalent of 5th in French. The left bank and the right bank are also referred to as the "rive gauche" and the "rive droite" respectively. Traditionally, the former is regarded as more artistic and student-friendly while the latter is considered to be more sophisticated and bourgeois.

Nightlife and Culture

The heart of Paris is home to tourist attractions, shops, and offices with relatively a small number of rental apartments. The Deuxième (2e) arrondissement – Bourse is perfect for a guest who wants to live next to the business district. The « second district» is also home to a number of theatres such as Bouffes Parisiens, the Théâtre Montorgueil, and The Grand Rex. The Grand Rex is not only the largest theatre in Europe, but also an exceptional venue for major social events, concerts, and conventions. Most theatres are often full due to their small size; hence you should make your reservations in advance.The Rue Réaumur is popularly known for its 19th-century buildings that were once used for wholesaling, industrial and commercial in textiles. The most Covered galleries and arcades such as Passage des Panoramas, the Passage du Caire, and the Galerie Colbert in Paris are also found in the « 2nd Arrondissement».

Discover the Furnished Apartment in Paris 2

You need to stay in the centre of Paris to rent a « furnished apartment in Paris 2». There's a wide selection of « rent apartment Paris 2» such as:

  • Rent Apartment Studio- You can find a spacious studio that sleeps 2 people. The studio is often equipped with equipment such as linen, cable, TV, washer, internet access, phone, security code and intercom. This one can go for around 1300 € per month.
  • Rent Apartment One Bedroom- Occupants get to benefit from free emergency service assistance around the clock with these ones. It sleeps 2 people and comes with equipment such as TV, washer, stereo, DVD, Wi-Fi, security code, dining table, Towels and bed linen. The one bedroom apartment goes for around 1500 € per month.
  • Rent Duplex 2 Bedroom- Sleeps 6 people and is very spacious for the entire family. It is equipped with hardwood floor, dining table, TV, DVD, towels, bed linen, Kitchen equipped, sofa, and coffee table among other amenities. This one goes for around 3200 € per month.

The Bourse often shuts down at night and doesn't have a lot of activity. If you want to live near the Bourse business centre, our knowledgeable advisors will guide you in choosing a suitable « accomodation to rent Paris 2» regardless of the area.

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