Furnished apartment rental in Ecole Militaire neighborhood

 Ecole Militaire district is nestled in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The Ecole Militaire district is located at the end of the Champ-de-Mars and opposite the Eiffel Tower. The district is bounded by Avenue de Suffren (to the southwest), Rue de Sèvre (to the southeast), Rue Vaneau (to the east) and Rue d'Estrée (to the north). You will discover the impressive façade of the Ecole Militaire, built under the reign of Louis XV according to the King's edict in January 1751. Other children whose ancestors had served for the kingdom as well as children who were in need of the king's help could also enrol in this Royal Military School. It is now home to a number of higher military education establishments and can be visited during the Heritage Days. 

The Ecole Militaire district is a tourist area of unique architectural beauty. The architects of the end of the 19th century had a field day, as shown by the "Immeuble aux Arums" on the rue du Champ de Mars. Built in 190 by Octave Raquin, this magnificently sculpted building decorated with wrought iron trees is one of the most unusual buildings in the district. Tourists and Parisians always stop in front of this characteristic Art Nouveau façade. The Lavirotte building attracts the curiosity of tourists. 


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