Furnished apartment rentals in the 20th arrondissement of Paris

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Created in the 1860s during the Paris expansion and Napoleon II'S renovation, the 20th is the most eastern district of Paris. Before the development, the 20th arrondissement comprised villages and vast pieces of undeveloped land situated outside the city limits. Later, the neighbouring community of Menilmontant and the wine village of Belleville were included into the Paris boundaries along with the area that stretches from the twentieth district to the borders of the new 12th Arrondissement.

The living costs here are relatively cheap compared to other districts in Paris, making the city a great place to look for accomodation to rent in Paris 20. Most of the population comprises refugees, immigrants, and low-income earners from the rural areas of France. It is this raw and unexplored beauty that makes the 20th a great place to stay in Paris. Here are some places tourists can explore when visiting Paris.

Père Lachaise

While the twentieth isn't a major tourist attraction in Paris, the Père Lachaise Cemetery has been drawing significant attention from tourists for centuries. The cemetery was constructed in the 19th century in the outskirts of the city. However, the massive expansion in Paris turned the cemetery into a public park. The actual number of people who have been buried here is unknown, but tourists pay homage to historical figures like Oscar Wilde, Moliere and Jim Morrison. The stunning beauty of the monuments and sculptures snuggled into the foliage at every turn will intrigue your stay in Paris 20.

The Fascinating View from the Top

Belleville affords you the most stunning view of the rest of Paris 20. From atop the park, you can view the rooftops of most flat rentals Paris 20 and appreciate how the city's Eiffel Tower dominates this town's skyline. You also view the Ferris Wheel and the dome of the Pantheon.

Mama Shelter

For the adventurous visitor, the Mama Shelter is a great hip hotel to visit in the 20th. Its laid-back ambience coupled with modern décor makes it an excellent choice for young people who are staying in Paris for a short time and don't want to rent apartment in Paris 20. And, if you are not looking for a place to stay, visit the hotel's trendy bar, which plays music during the weekends.

La Maroquinerie and La Flèche d'Or

The 20th is famous for hosting concerts, owing to its spectacular venues. The La Maroquinerie and La Flèche d'Or make great places for a night out when you are bored of staying in your furnished apartment in Paris 20. A line-up of pop, rock, Rn & B and punk should keep you entertained. The clubs also host established local artists, international performers and upcoming musicians.

Visit the Asian Market

If you want to break the monotony of eating regular foods, visit the bustling Chinatown neighbourhoods near Belleville metro station. This Asian market offers delicious cuisines beyond typical dishes offered in restaurants near the apartment rental in Paris 20. If you just came to buy supplies, you will enjoy the overflowing baskets of cheap fresh produce on the sidewalks along with the mouth-watering roasted ducks hanging in the shop windows.

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