Furnished apartment rentals in the 11th arrondissement of Paris

Live in the Hip Capital of Paris, 11th Arrondissement

The 11th arrondissement of Paris is one of the most densely populated in France with a big percentage made up of adult singles. If you prefer an apartment rental in Paris 11 in a more family-oriented neighbourhood, then the eastern part of the district is the place to look. Paris 11 is known for its exuberant nightlife and hip restaurants. The area is also a thriving business centre hence, its high population. The eleventh district has some trendy locations that attract tourists and locals in equal measure. The impressive opera house in Place de Bastille is just one of the sights that give the Popincourt region it's cultural diversity and charm.

Rent a luxury rentals in Paris 11th

When looking at what suitable accomodation to rent in Paris 11, you must learn about the characteristics of the region. The district, which is on the River Seine, stretches from the Place de la Réplublique in the west to Place de la Bastille in the east. The Place de la République has three arrondissements bordering it, the 3rd, 10th and 11th. It also has five metro lines meeting there, which makes it a well-connected region. The public square covers 3.4 ha and serves as a popular choice for demonstrations and street performances in Paris. Some people just wander into the square to watch and enjoy the views. A 31-foot Marianne statue stands in the heart of the square, reminding everyone of the national symbol.

The 11th arrondissement used to be a working-class district, but gentrification has turned it into one of the hipster capitals of Paris. Oberkampf is the perfect evidence of this with its hip bars that appeal to a typically young demographic. Recently, the area is experiencing a sort of gourmet revolution that has charming, intimate and high-class bistros sprouting up everywhere. Couple this with the cultural diversity and this portion of the district is an interesting option for flat rentals in Paris 11.

What to See and Do

When visiting in Paris, the 11th arrondissement has a long list of attractions that will keep you occupied for a while. Stop by Musée Edith Piaf and see one of the smallest museums, which occupies only two rooms of an apartment. It's an intimate place that houses collections from 'La Môme'. For the authentic Parisian chic style, stroll the streets of rue Neuve Popincourt and rue du Marché Popincourt. Enjoy diverse delicacies like French tapas and gourmet pizza in the stellar restaurants that make Paris 11 a favourite for foodies. In Belleville, there is the Pére Lachaise Cemetery, which has a lot of historical figures resting there, including Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison and Marcel Proust.

Finding Rental Accommodation

The ideal rental apartment is different to various people. For you, it may be a one-bedroom unit smack in the centre of the district while someone else may prefer something tucked away from the noise. Whatever your preferred furnished apartment in Paris 11, we can help find it. Our agency has beautiful rental apartments in the eleventh district that are designed for different types of tenants from families to singles. Get professional guidance on how to rent apartment in Paris 11. Stay in Paris 11 and be part of a passionate community that enjoys the best entertainment and dining that Paris has to offer.

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