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This square connects the Place de la République to the Place de la Nation.  Known to be the place that citizens  takes during   citizens political parades, during protest, this place is very animated and has marked history.  


The Place de la Nation is the former "Place du Trône" in homage to King Louis XIV and Queen Marie-Thérèse of Austria. Since July 14, 1880, the Place de la Nation has been a real symbol of the French Republic.  This square is famous for having hosted one of the most active guillotines during the French Revolution and for having changed its name for a few years to the "Place du Trône Renversé". The statue of the Triumph of the Nation, a monumental bronze sculpture by Jules Dalou, can be found there.  


As soon as you leave the metro, you can admire the magnificent church of Saint-Ambroise which will stand right in front of you. Its first bell tower was built in 1659, then completely reinvented in 1868, offering an architectural fusion of neo-Gothic and neo-Byzantine architecture. In addition to its particular aesthetic, this church also played an important historical role during the Paris Commune of 1871, by regularly hosting a club of proletarians and feminists who could meet there.   


Discover also the famous Square Maurice Gardette with its bucolic allure, it is a true haven of peace nestled along the magnificent Rue du Général Guilhem. While walking along Rue Saint-Maur, you will come across the Atelier des Lumières, this famous digital art center which opened in 2018, it is the undisputed meeting place for tourists and locals curious to rediscover their favorite piece of works projected in a space of more than 1500 sqm. An immersive experience mixing classical and contemporary style. 


Enjoy also the calm of these two Passages : Passage Alexandrine and Passage Gustave Lepeu, where you will have the impression to leave the city and to rest in the countryside with its narrow and flowered streets, filled with magnificent architectural delicacies, beautiful glass windows with long walls of ivy and beautiful discoveries at every corner.   


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