Furnished apartment rental in Square du Temple neighborhood

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One of the most famous streets in the Marais. This street is a must for your cultural or shopping strolls, this area stretches from the Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville to the historic centre of the Marais. It is one of the oldest streets in Paris, dotted with wholesale and retail shops selling jewellery and leather goods. For the record, Do: Visit the BHV where you will find almost everything you are looking for.   


Historically home to the Knights of the Order of Knights in the 13th century, Temple Square was once the scene of bloody persecutions as the Knights were considered heretics. Fortunately, calm has returned today. The Temple Square is an English garden with many exotic plants (honey locust, soap tree, ginkgo biloba) and remarkable plants (the 18-metre-high Byzantine hazel tree or the 17-metre-high Japanese sophora). The fauna is more alive than ever in this vast garden. You will discover birds basking in the water near a fountain or an artificial waterfall built from rocks from the Fontainebleau forest. 


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