Furnished apartment rental in Quartier Latin neighborhood

It is a meeting place for Parisians and tourists , who stroll around in a friendly and lively atmosphere. On the way, you will discover great museums, Roman ruins, exceptional monuments and splendid gardens. Located in the 5th arrondissement. It is a popular district for visitors and students. In addition to its many bridges, you can admire the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, dating from the 12th century, and before a fire destroyed part of its roof, it attracted nearly 30,000 visitors a day, making it the most visited monument in France ahead of the Eiffel Tower.  


Stroll along the Place Saint-Michel at the corner of Avenue Saint-Michel and Rue Saint-André des Arts, a place that is often animated by concerts and improvised dance performances. The Saint Michel fountain is magnificent! It represents the archangel Michael overcoming the devil and is surrounded by a large triumphal arch and pink marble columns that match the architecture of the buildings surrounding the square.  


Walk along the Boulevard Saint-Michel, then turn right onto the Rue de Vaugirard and you will come across the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Senate. A 5 minute walk from there, you can discover the Sorbonne, created in 1253 by Robert de Sorbon. In Rue Cujas, not far from the Sorbonne, you will find Place du Panthéon which is one of the most beautiful monuments in the capital.  The Panthéon, classified as a historical monument between 1920 and 2008, is the resting place of great figures who have marked the history of France such as Victor Hugo, Jean Jaurès, Voltaire, Emile Zola or Joséphine Baker.  


The monument was originally intended to be a church in memory of Sainte-Geneviève, but once completed, the state took over the monument during the French Revolution and it became the mausoleum of the nation's greatest men in 1791.  

Also worth seeing is the Panthéon Sorbonne University, an ideal area for students. The Latin Quarter is full of historical sites, take a trip to the Arènes de Lutèce for example, an arena that bears witness to a Gallo-Roman past dating back to the 1st century. For the literary types, you can head to Shakespeare and Company, one of the most emblematic English-speaking bookstores, which will welcome you in an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Choose a book from among the thousands of works that almost fill the shelves and sit comfortably in a corner of this pretty "cabin" to escape the time-space of a novel.  



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