Furnished apartment rental in Montparnasse neighborhood

Today, Montparnasse is embodied by the Grande Tour, which dominates the district from the top of its 210 metres! However, during the 1900s and especially between the wars, the district was the centre of Parisian intellectual and artistic life. After Apollinaire, Gauguin, Matisse and the Douanier Rousseau, many foreign artists went into exile in Paris to find favourable conditions for the development of their art. Modigliani, Zadkine, Soutine, Chagall, Picasso... Many of the names that followed would form "The School of Paris", a designation for a group of people rather than a real artistic movement. The cultural offer is very important with a certain number of museums and places of walk: Paris Montparnasse Haut de la Ville, Montparnasse cemetery, Bourdelle museum, Catacombs.   

Speaking of art and modernity, one of the most popular art museums in Montparnasse is the Fondation Cartier. No, it's not that Cartier is famous for its luxury jewellery and watches, you have to go to the Champs-Élysées to do that. This gallery is known for its contemporary and modern art. The Fondation Cartier allows young, aspiring artists to showcase their work among many famous works. There are now over 1,500 works by more than 300 artists, offering a variety of styles and mediums. All the creations are housed in a magnificent glass building designed by Jean Nouvel. The museum also has a garden that resembles a work of art like the artworks inside the museum. We couldn't think of a better place to illustrate this artistic and modern district of Paris: not to be missed!  


Located in the north of the 1st arrondissement of Paris and served by numerous metro lines, Montparnasse has preserved artists' studios, famous cafés and brasseries (Closerie des Lilas, Dôme, Coupole...).  Located in the north of the 1st arrondissement of Paris and served by numerous metro lines, the TGV station serves the Loire Valley, western and south-western France, Spain and Portugal. The ancestor of the Montparnasse station, also known as Place Raoul Dautry, regularly hosts major events. 


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