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La Madeleine in Paris - The Definition of High Class

The area of La Madeleine gets its name from L'église Sainte-Marie Madeleine, a gigantic Catholic Church that sits in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The prominence of the structure as a historical monument and tourist attraction has made this portion of Paris one of the most prestigious. It attracts wealthy residents with its choice of luxury shopping and dining options. If you are looking for some of the best accommodation selections in the French Capital, you can try out La Madeleine apartments rentals. Place de la Concorde borders the area to the South, Place Vendôme is to the east and Saint-Augustin Paris to the west.

  • L'église de la Madeleine

The church lies at the end of rue Royale and has been standing since the early 1800s. Construction of the original structure was commissioned in 1757 but stopped in 1763. Les Invalides was the inspiration used for the design of the first church, which was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. In 1777 when Guillaume-Martin Couture took over the project, he restarted the church, modelling it after the Roman Pantheon, which is the design it flaunts today. Originally, it was not clear what the structure would be used for, but Louis XVIII decided it would be a church. When visiting Paris, La Madeleine is one monument that you must see to understand it's magnificence. From the statue of Mary Magdalene at the altar to the nave that is decorated with The History of Christianity fresco, the church has some impressive art pieces.

What to See and Do

Paris is a real prize for art lovers, and the Pinacothéque de Paris is one place to start digging. Credited as the first private museum in the capital, Pinacothéque, located at 28 Place de la Madeleine, displays pieces of art history. Place de Madeleine is full of high-end restaurants and boutiques that give the area its prestige. La Madeleine apartment rentals close to the square provide residents with some of the best shopping experiences in Paris from some of the world's most exclusive brands.

Place Vendôme is the other must-visit part of La Madeleine. Here, you have the grandeur of Paris with luxury jewellery stores lining the streets from Cartier to Montblanc. Hotel Ritz and other five-star accommodations are also available in this part in case you have a short-term stay in Paris. Classic French architecture is the norm in this part of Paris 8.

Visit Palais de l'Elysée on rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré, an imposing palace that is over 300 years old. It used to be the home of counts and other notable figures and began serving as the president's headquarters in 1848.

Furnished Apartments in La Madeleine

Our agency provides exclusive and comprehensive services to assist clients in finding luxurious La Madeleine apartments rentals. You have to factor in so much when picking a luxury apartment like the location, budget and availability. Even if you have rented in Paris before, the process can still be tedious. Our expertise will eliminate all that and help you find a furnished apartment that is worth your taste. Tell us what the perfect apartment means to you, and we will handle the rest. La Madeleine is the epitome of fine living, and you can be part of it too with a furnished apartment rental.


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