Furnished apartment rentals in the 13th arrondissement of Paris

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Rent aluxury flat in  13th Arrondissement : Home of Paris' Chinatown

The 13th arrondissement is a residential and business district located towards the south of Paris. It hosts one of the largest Asian communities in Europe and is known for the many high-rise apartments. The thirteenth arrondissement is clearly different from the rest of Paris, both in architecture and culture. Unlike other parts of the city, the 13th district has a modern design- historical buildings are almost non-existent. Accommodation in this part of the city is significantly cheaper, and that is one key reason why you should consider staying in the area.

What Is There to See in the 13th Arrondissement?

The 13th district is not a top tourist destination in Paris, but it still has several highlights. Finding accomodation to rent Paris 13 will allow you to visit these places easily. One of the interesting points of the area is the colourful street art. The art has been commissioned by the mayor, and it depicts important historical events that affected the city. One event which has been captured on the murals is the Paris terrorist attack of 2015. Internationally known artists have participated in creating these pieces of art. You can ask for a map before viewing the street art if you want to get details about each of the murals.

Finding an apartment rental in Paris 13 will also put you in close proximity to the modern and glass-enclosed Bibliotheque Nationale de France. This library contains many historical documents, coins, sound recordings, and even maps. All of these are stored in the library to preserve the national heritage of the French people. Also, multiple cultural events are held in the library all year round.

Visit Paris' Colourful Chinatown

As mentioned earlier, the 13th arrondissement is home to one of the largest Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese communities. In this section of the district, you will find many Asian restaurants and businesses. The Chinese New Year celebrations are a huge event in the district, and that is one thing you are highly likely to notice when visiting Paris. Unlike many other Chinatowns around the world, this area is not dominated by Chinese architecture. However, there are a few Buddhist temples.

Why Should You Rent an Apartment in Paris 13?

The ideal rental apartment is different to various people. For you, it may be a one-bedroom unit smack in the centre of the district while someone else may prefer something tucked away from the noise. Whatever your preferred furnished apartment in Paris 13, we can help find it. Our agency has beautiful rental apartments in the thirteen district that are designed for different types of tenants from families to singles. Get professional guidance on how to rent apartment in Paris 13. Stay in Paris 13 and be part of a passionate community that enjoys the best entertainment and dining that Paris has to offer.

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